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The above revenue should be the total revenue of the Company or Companies within the scope of the ICT SCAN®

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The above number of employees should be the total number of employees of the Company or Companies within the scope of the ICT SCAN®

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The number of ICT locations are the locations within the scope of the ICT SCAN®, where ICT systems for the processing of Corporate (main) applications are installed and/or locations where ICT personnel is present. Locations with only (front) office equipment and software should not be included in the above number of ICT locations.

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The ICT SCAN® price includes the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire together with the "End User" software program.

An overview and evaluation of your present Corporate ICT architecture and environment(s) will be given related to your Corporate strategy and Business Processes.

Recommendations are provided for improvements and/or changes related to different subjects:

ICT architecture and Business Process fit, ICT Infrastructure, ICT Applications, ICT Governance, ICT Personnel and ICT expenses.

ICT SCAN® focus on Sourcing strategy, Governance, Cost control and Cost reduction.

All this information will be made available for you in the ICT SCAN® Report.

ICT SCAN® price : EURO excl. VAT (BTW)

The ICT SCAN®  price will be automatically calculated when you click on the "Price request"  button.

When the text "Price on request" is returned, please contact us for price information.


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