ICT SCAN ® Terms and Conditions

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ICT SCAN® is marketed exclusively by Star Info Systems B.V. , The Netherlands, hereafter called SIS.

The present Terms and Conditions define rights and obligations for both SIS and the natural person, representing himself or a legal entity and hereafter called customer, who orders the ICT SCAN®.

By signing the ICT SCAN® order, in writing or via E-mail, customer agrees to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

1. ICT SCAN® Questionnaire

Customer will fill out the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire as directed.

The questionnaire is divided into different corporate sections.

The questions in the questionnaire should be filled out by competent people within customer’s company or organization, with sufficient knowledge of the relevant sections, as the result of the ICT SCAN® is based largely on the quality of the answers given.

The completed questionnaire is to be sent to the E-mail address indicated in the “End User” software program, which is provided with the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire.

The “End User” program will guide customer through the different questions in the questionnaire.

2. ICT SCAN® Report

The ICT SCAN® Report is the result of the ICT SCAN® and will be sent to customer’s E-mail address as indicated on the order form.

The quality of this report is based on three factors: the quality of the answers to the questions of the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire, the ICT SCAN® software program designed by experts with global ICT and business experience and the current knowledge of the ICT consultants and Business consultants associated with SIS. 

SIS will therefore provide a report with a quality level based on the above factors.

This ICT SCAN® Report will be sent to customer in general within twenty days of receipt of customer’s completed questionnaire and payment as indicated in the “Payment conditions”.

The above term “completed” means, that the answers to the questions of the questionnaire should contain the requested information from customer, as far as available and applicable.

The customer, however, will ultimately decide what information he wishes to provide and to what extent.

3. Pricing

The ICT SCAN® pricing is based on factors such as size of the company or organization and the number of entities and/or locations with (autonomous) ICT environments.

The ICT SCAN® can be performed for the company or organization as a whole or for a part of it, to be decided by customer.

The scope of the ICT SCAN® is defined based on customer’s information on the order form.

If, from the answers to the questionnaire, figures show a deviation from the information on customer’s order form which should have caused a higher ICT SCAN® price level, SIS reserves the right to invoice in addition the difference between the price as indicated on the order form and the price based on customer’s figures from the questionnaire.

Prior to the additional invoice SIS will inform customer to this effect by E-mail.

4. Payment conditions

The ICT SCAN® price is indicated on the order form and signed by customer.

Customer must pay for the ICT SCAN® according to the following payment conditions:

After the acceptance of the signed order from customer, SIS will send an invoice to the customer’s indicated E-mail address, with the above payment conditions stated on the invoice.

On receipt by SIS of the initial payment from customer, the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire with the “End User” program will be sent to the E-mail address as indicated by customer on the order form.

After the completed questionnaire is returned by customer to the E-mail address as indicated by the “End User” program, customer will make the second payment.

SIS will send the ICT SCAN ® Report to the customer’s indicated E-mail address in general within twenty days following receipt of the completed questionnaire, but after the receipt of the second payment from customer. 

Within fifteen days after receiving the ICT SCAN® Report, customer will make the final payment.

5 Confidentiality

SIS is required to treat all information received from customer as confidential.

This information will only be used by SIS and its associated consultants for the purposes of the ICT SCAN®, performed for customer.

SIS may request customer’s permission to mention his name as a reference.

6. Copyright © and Intellectual Property Right

Customer is required to use the ICT SCAN® Questionnaire and “End User” software program solely for the purposes of the ICT SCAN® ordered.

The ICT SCAN® Questionnaire may be accessed via the “End User” software program by several employees within customer’s company or organization.

Copying or passing on any ICT SCAN® material in any form is strictly forbidden.

7. General

Should SIS become aware of any violation of its Terms and Conditions, SIS will reserve all rights and will open an investigation.

Customer agrees to indemnify and exempt SIS from any liability arising from the use of the ICT SCAN® for alleged damage, direct or indirect, to customer or any third party.

SIS reserves the right to modify its Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

During the course of an ICT SCAN® as ordered by customer, SIS will not modify the Terms and Conditions valid at the moment of the order.


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