ICT SCAN® General information


ICT SCAN® is a successful ICT audit and assessment methodology to provide valuable recommendations for improving and/or changing ICT environment(s) and to make ICT environments and ICT processes more effective.

ICT SCAN® focus on Sourcing strategy, Governance, Cost control and Cost reduction.

ICT SCAN® also provides a detailed overview and evaluation of your present 

ICT environment(s) and processes and can be performed across multiple corporate locations. 

ICT SCAN® relates the current ICT technology environment(s) and ICT processes to the Corporate strategy, organization structure and Business Processes.

ICT SCAN ® is based on global experience, world-wide benchmark results, as well as "State of the art"  technology and strategy information.

To focus on the implementation of recommended improvements and/or changes, the final report as the result of this price competitive ICT audit and assessment will be available within only 20 days   (*)



*) According to our standard Terms and Conditions   

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