The ICT SCAN ® process

After receiving  the order information and initial payment, the ICT SCAN ® Questionnaire will be sent by E-mail attachment to the E-mail address as indicated in the order form.

The answers to the questions of the questionnaire will be processed by the ICT SCAN ® software program, operated and guided by our Business and ICT consultants.

The result of this ICT audit and assessment is the ICT SCAN ® Report based on your own information, the ICT SCAN® software and the knowledge and experience of our ICT consultants and Business consultants.

This report gives an overview and evaluation of your present  ICT environment(s) related to the Corporate situation and strategy, the Business Processes, as well as recommendations about improvements and/or changes.

ICT SCAN® focus on Sourcing strategy, Governance, Cost control and Cost reduction.

The ICT SCAN ® Report  will be sent to your E-mail address within 20 days after receiving the completed questionnaire. (*)

(*) According to our Terms and Conditions

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